Hi. My name is Kopano Shimange. I am 31 years old. I am a wife, a small business owner and a mother of two beautiful children. If you’ve been in business for a few years you’ve probably already heard my name. However, what might not know that in the mid-2011 I dropped off the face of the earth.
That’s why I’m writing this…
I would like to tell you something personal about myself that I know I’ll regret talking about publicly.

One Day, About 6 Years Ago, I Just Broke Down
And Started Crying In The Shower…

I couldn’t help it.
This was before I married my husband Vuyo and before becoming a mother of two, whilst running 3 successful businesses. I remember it like it was yesterday. My life was chaotic. It was an absolute mess and nothing I did was working for me.
I felt like I was going to have a nervous breakdown.
I had reached my breaking point.
It started on Tuesday morning after my former flat mate and best friend told me that she had received a Summons from the Court, and that it was addressed to me.
She had been trying to get hold of me for weeks, but I never returned her calls. I was always ‘too busy’ trying to build my business.
‘Too busy’ to answer the phone… ‘Too busy’ to go out for drinks… ‘Too busy’ for everything.
Too busy but still broke!
Being an entrepreneur is hard, and at the time I had been a struggling to be a successful entrepreneur for almost two years. For two years I had been trying to extract even a mere glimmer of hope that everything was going to be alright.
And I managed to do this… but only for a brief moment.
When I first started my business, things went really well. I was making a little money; I was getting the recognition and I was feeling pretty damn good about my life but then things changed in an instant. It all started to fall apart.

It All Came Crashing Down FAST!

The life that I had always dreamed of, became a nightmare.
I was the victim of a series of betrayals and deceptions that left me with empty pockets, and an inability to even get to my next appointment because my petrol tank was always empty.
I was devastated.
My Clients? Gone!
My Money? Gone!
My Connections? Gone
My Confidence? Gone!
I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies. This “event” spun me into an abyss of dark depression and I thought I’d never find a way out of.
I was broke.
Disgusted with myself.
In debt.
And worst of all: alone.
And just when I thought it couldn’t get worse, I got the call from my flat mate.

Missed Payments And Debit Order Reversals

My life had spiralled out of control. I had had 3 missed payments on my car instalment, and they were coming for it!
That’s what the summons was about.
To be honest, this wasn’t that much of a surprise because every second call I received was from a debt collector making demands on me. My debts were piling up and most of my calls were from creditors demanding money that I knew I couldn’t pay back.
So, I ignored the calls.
I was so overwhelmed with life and so caught up in trying to keep up with client deadlines that I decided not to bother with a little life-admin.
I was so embarrassed.
On the surface everything seemed okay, but when I was alone at home, I knew the truth. Everything was a mess.
I hadn’t seen my best friend in weeks. She was under the that I was trying to build my business and now that this happened, it was clear that I was in DEEP Sh*t.
And instead of admitting the truth, I separated myself from the world and…

I Disappeared

Maybe this doesn’t sound like a big deal to you because I was just a young 25-year-old at the time, but to me it felt like the biggest disaster of my life.   
Truth is, I always felt like my life was running away with me. Like I was always chasing deadlines instead of being ahead of them.
Like I was always busy, always trying to get ahead so that I could feel like I was in control, but it never happened.
I kept forgetting about important things. I missed my friends’ birthdays. I missed client deadlines. I was always late for meetings.
Something was off…
I was always overwhelmed, always stressed and I had forgotten how to live well. I felt like a fraud.
And as I thought about my situation, I realised that my life was in shambles and I  needed to get back on track.
Somehow.. I needed to take control of my situation.
But I needed guidance, so I started searching…
I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy. I tried everything, but nothing worked.
I tried time management systems. I tried reminders on my phone. I tried personal development books, affirmations, meditation, vision boards and at some point, I even tried a life coach. Personal Power, The 5am Club, The Achievement Accelerator, Healthy Diet, Gym…
You name it – I tried it.
Nothing worked!
I even felt like an imposter every time I prayed, like I was just complaining all the time and that made me feel bad.
The results were always the same. I would make a little progress. Things would look up for a little while, but then everything just snapped right back into chaos. I always ended up in the same place - overworked, tired, overwhelmed and still so unsatisfied with where I was in life. 
I tried to do better, be better, but I soon realised that…

I Was Just Not That Girl

I didn’t know where to turn or what else to try.
I was ready to give up.
Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want this to sound like a sob story. I’m not telling you this to try and get you to feel sorry for me. There is no need to, because clearly things have changed since then.
My story has a happy ending because my lowest point turned out to be my biggest blessing.
Here’s what I mean:
In a last ditch attempt to deal with my sorrows, I pulled out an old journal and turned to a blank page to vent about my frustrations.
And as I turned through the pages of the journal, and read through my handwritten notes. I rediscovered a time when things were good.
I unearthed an old habit of mine, that I had developed as a 17-Year-Old girl (a pivotal time in my life). This helped me remember something.

An Amazing Journaling Secret

A Journaling Secret that had once taken me to my greatest achievements in my teen years.
I first discovered this secret when I was an ordinary small town teenage girl living in my parent’s house. This secret helped me pass matric, start a popular blog (when blogs were not popular), get a full house university scholarship and become Miss Teen South Africa all in one year.
Just imagine. I went from being a shy introverted little girl, to becoming one of the most influential people in the country, almost overnight.
When I was crowned Miss South Africa Teen, my world changed instantly. Suddenly I had the attention of all these famous people and ‘big shots’ that wouldn’t have given me a second look before – I was now mingling with CEO’s, celebrities, and all the ‘popular kids’…
I was involved in business.
I was making money. I was organized. I was happy.
But then something changed when I moved to the BIG CITY of Johannesburg. I stopped focusing on the thing that worked and got me there in the first place.
I figured that since I had gone from small town to the big city of lights and grown up, that I wouldn’t need it anymore.
Turns out, I was wrong!
My life hit a slow downward spiral, until I hit rock bottom. And this is what made me pull out the journal and helped rediscover it again. It worked back then, and I figured it would help me to once again, to reclaim my peace, purpose, happiness and control.
I had nothing to lose, so I tried it.
It worked!

It literally saved my life.

Fast forward a few years. I now run several businesses, including a coaching business that advises tens of thousands of women all over the world on matters related to money, career, business, personal growth and health.
With the help of this secret I’ve managed to create a brand with a global brand that impacts millions of women.
My goal has never been to gain popularity, it’s always been to spread a message of self-belief, love, faith and ambition. This system has been the main reason why I’ve been able to do this.
Now, I’m not going to tell you where I originally found this secret – that’s not important. However, I will tell you this much…
I didn’t get it from the pages of a personal development book, I didn’t get it from a seminar, I didn’t get it from a magazine. I didn’t get it from any so called “life coach” or “internet guru” either.
To tell you the truth, I found this secret by total accident one night when I was in my parents’ home.
How I found it does not matter, what matters is that it worked for me as a teenager, it worked for me that day when I was 25 years old and continues to work for me now as a 31-year-old mother of 2, who is enjoying a happy marriage and has 3 successful businesses.!
This secret has helped me find myself when I’m lost myself in motherhood. It has helped me find my cool when I’m overwhelmed PLUS it has helped me steer clear of anxiety and negative thoughts throughout my second pregnancy (which was not easy!).
It helped me keep my cool when I lost my milk supply (my baby’s only food supply) and it helped me build this supply again.
This journaling secret continues to serve me today as I navigate my way back into a full working schedule after giving birth to our second little human. And what about my sex life?


Finger Lickin’ Good
Sex Life!

This secret has brought so many great things to my life, but the most important by far, is it has helped me keep relationships that I struggled to uphold before and… it has given me the flame and intensity that I needed to keep the spark alive in my marriage.
It doesn’t matter what stage of life I’m in and it doesn’t matter how messed up my life may be, it’s always worked and continues to work today.
I even shared it with a small group of ladies who wanted to try it and it created incredible changes for them.
It doesn’t take days for you to see the changes in your life, It works from the very first day that you use it. This Journaling Secret is a simple set of questions that I ask myself every morning and every night in a very specific sequence, I call it the

Triple-G Sequence

Let me tell you why I think this Sequence works for well and why it is so effective:


The challenge with most personal development advice is that it tells you to find the time or somehow just make the time, but that is easier said than done.
This “Journaling Secret” doesn’t force you to wake up at 5am or even sleep later at night. It can fit  seamlessly into your day with just a quick 10-minute exercise.
I’ve never had to sacrifice a single minute of my sleep. I love my sleep, and when you’re breastfeeding, you need your sleep!


I no longer need other people to compliment me or validate me to feel good about myself. I no longer worry about my body, my work or my progress in life.
I’m happy with who I am and what I’m doing. I know that I’m doing good, and I no longer need others to help me see that. This journal sequence will help you see that you have a lot to be proud of and it will help you celebrate yourself every single day.


The one thing that used to make me worry about all these personal development books is that I always felt like they left God out of the picture.
It was all “Me, Me, Me” and I didn’t understand how God was supposed to fit in. This Journal Sequence helped me get my life together while keeping God first and foremost in my life and that made me really happy.


Every single morning, as soon as I’m done with my morning sequence, I feel more relieved and more in control of my day.
You’ll have less stress about what’s to come, no matter how busy the day seems, and you’ll always have your priorities set before tackling the day. This creates more time for you and eliminates anxiety from your life.


I used to feel terrible about my life.  There was a time when I felt like I wasn’t progressing fast enough in my life. That ended when I started to us the journal sequence. The evening questions empower you to be patient and to appreciate the journey you are on.


Your sex life will improve! Seriously. I’m going to say that again…
You sex life will improve!
My energy and levels of vitality are supercharged. I just gave birth 3 months ago and I feel sexier than ever. I have more energy, and it shows when my husband pounces on me for a night of unforgettable passion in and out of the sheets.
Because I’ve released myself from the negative conversations that used to consume my thoughts and weigh me down. I don’t judge myself harshly anymore, and as a result my mom pooch turns me on instead of turning me off.


There was a time when I didn’t think it was possible to have bad experiences during the day and still go sleep with a huge smile on my face and the end of the night. This journal helped me develop the skill to turn my mood around no matter how bad my day was.


The journal sequence is super easy to follow because each question gets easier and easier to answer. It specifically structured to ease me in and make me more aware of my thoughts. This decreases extreme overwhelm and mental fatigue.


You’ll be able to cope better, by this I mean you’ll manage to get your home life and working life working together.  You’ll no longer miss out on the important stuff.
The sequence has a special way of helping you highlight the things that will help you move forward and achieve in life. The more you use it, the more success you’ll achieve in all the areas in your life


Being a mom is overwhelming and sometimes, it gets so overwhelming that you may even neglect yourself. This sequence makes sure that you never ever neglect yourself again.
Personally, it’s helped me check in with myself regularly and ensured that I have more to give each and every day.
As you can tell by now, the journal is pretty good. It’s the easiest way I know to make you feel happier, sexier and more successful in all areas of your life.

There are 4 reasons this sequence works so well. These 4 reasons make this system different from anything that exists. Here are those reasons.
REASON 1: PROVEN FOR OVER 2000 YEARS The journal sequence uses a 2000 Year Old listing method that is used across all 6 major religions.
Studies have shown that people who use this listing method are more likely to overcome hardships. They are also more inclined to experience positive emotions, openness and happiness. And when faced with adversity, they display higher levels of resilience, as well as the motivation to succeed.

REASON 2: INSTANT RESULTS The sequence uses a very specific order of questions, that creates an almost magic like effect on your life. You’ll be able to gain immediate clarity into what you want and identify blocks that may be slowing you down – whether that’s self-doubt or limiting beliefs.
You don’t have to use it for long for it to work. You start seeing results after your first session.

REASON 3: BRAIN CHEMISTRY Numerous studies have already proved the scientific benefits of journaling, but this alone is not useful to you. What this sequence does in a unique way is it manages to bridge the gap between the awareness of your intelligence and the mobilisation of this intelligence towards your intentions.
You’ll immediately reach a higher level of thinking and become more present towards what’s required of you in order to succeed
In a nutshell, success becomes easier. It becomes faster and eventually it become automatic!

REASON 4: CREATED FOR WOMAN This sequence takes into consideration the fact that you are a woman. It was made for women. Lets’ face it, we are different in all the best ways possible.
There are things that men cannot and will not ever understand about us.Most of the world’s leading Personal Development theories have been developed by men who have no idea what it’s like to walk a day in a woman’s shoes.
The questions in the sequence sink deep into the mind of a woman to give her the exact answers she needs for that moment.
This journal sequence has been created by women, for women – for you. It’s for your age, and generation. It’s been used by 100’s of women around the world, who live lives much like yours. And what it’s doing for them, it can also do for you.
It will keep you on top of it all.


The journaling sequence has been a Godsend to me, and I believe it can be for you too…
Imagine, days from today, you come back home with more love in your heart and more energy for the important blessings that life has in store for you.
Imagine having less items to tick off on your to-do list because you have a higher clarity of focus.
Imagine you have more energy and vitality for countless nights of passion with your partner.
Imagine having more time for your children, for friends, and for yourself. Your work no longer stresses you as much as it used, and you’re more confident in yourself. More confident in your body. More confident in your purpose.
No matter where you are now, or what you’ve done before – this journal sequence can help you.
I want it for you!
So, after years of using this sequence to improve my life and the lives of my friends, I’ve decided to share it with every single woman who has ever felt lost and overwhelmed like I did.
After 3 years  of research and development and after working with thousands of women around the world I’ve developed and put the G3 sequence into beautiful journal that will become the catalyst to you living life as your Best Self.

It’s called: “Her Success Journal”
It’s easy to use. It tells you exactly what to do step-by-step. It helps you with your greatest fears, your biggest distractions and your most challenging roadblocks. I've taken this understanding to create this journal just for you. To help you break walls and get results.
You’ll start feeling the results from the first day you start using it, and it only get better from there.


If you’re ready to reveal a glowing version of you that is more confident and more in control then here’s what you’ve got you can get your hands on this journal without any financial risk whatsoever.
Keep it for 30 days and follow the process. If you don’t experience the amazing results that you want to see, then pop me an email and I will give you a full refund quietly and without question.

This is what you'll receive when you place your order:
  • A physical copy of the Her Daily Success Journal delivered to your doorstep
  • FREE Access to the Best-Self Academy
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  • FREE Access to the High Impact Success Audio Sessions... and many more unannounced bonuses
All of this is available to you when you purchase the HER DAILY SUCCESS JOURNAL at the cost of R650.

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“Nothing drives your point home like a glowing testimonial from someone who is passionate about your brand.”

— Customer Review
“Nothing drives your point home like a glowing testimonial from someone who is passionate about your brand.”

— Customer Review
“Nothing drives your point home like a glowing testimonial from someone who is passionate about your brand.”

— Customer Review
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